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Back in the Days: Moscow in the Sixties

Photos featuring Streets, Shops and Buildings from Moscow in the Sixties.




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Life at the limits - Homeless in Guatemala by Theo Hol

Life at the limits - Homeless in Guatemala shows an other side of Guatemala, not the Guatemala we know from the publications of the travel agencies: laughing Indians in handwoven colourfull costumes. You should know that for a great part of the year Antigua is overcrowded by tourists from all over the world, who come to visit the old convents, climbing the volcanoes and buy souvenirs from that colourfull dressed people in the park, without realizing how poor a great part of the population of Guatemala is, without realizing that poverty is just some blocks away.
Guatemalan government doesn't do very much to give most of the people good education, health care, a good economical base. They don't even give their own people a future.

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by Carmen Vega

200 Motels - Las Vegas
by John Tarjavaara

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