Access American Express Pay Bill Center

For anyone who has an American Express card and account, the best way to pay bills is to do so online through their bill center portal. It is the most convenient way of managing all of your bills as well as being the safest option.

Paying bills through this site takes just a few minutes if you already have an account. Creating one is also simple and safe. The portal offers page encryption so that your information is secure at all times when using the site to pay bills. Get started at

  • To create an online account, you will need to input your credit card number on the site, plus the 4 digit card ID. If you do not have the card ID because you have a corporate purchasing account, an Optima line of credit, or an Optima consolidator account, you will need to input your billing address with your zip code and the credit card number.
  • You will then be asked to set up your account preferences, including security questions and alerts. You can choose whether to receive alerts on your phone or to your email, as well as how you want to receive your credit card statements and bills. You will also see all the card benefits that you qualify for.
  • If you already have an account but do not remember your username and your password, you can still gain access to your information. For a lost user ID and password, input your card’s number and the 4 digit card ID. If you have a cancelled card, you can still get your user ID by entering your zip code and your billing address. You will then have the chance of retrieving your ID and resetting your password.
  • You can also activate a new card through the site by entering the new card’s number and 4 digit ID.

On the site, you can pay credit card bills quickly and without having to wait for statements through the mail. For people with busy schedules this portal makes it very simple to keep up with all the notices and purchasing history connected to their American Express card.

You will have access to everything related to your account, which allows you to make changes conveniently and without having to call the company. Pay credit card bills online easily by going to