Access MyAflac Account Services Online

If you have started working for Aflac, then you have an associate’s portal you can use to make working simpler. It is a site that makes it possible to stay up to date on everything that is happening in the company right from your computer.

Once you register, you can have access to your work schedule, your ongoing projects, and see your paystubs whenever you need to. You can contact team mates or supervisors directly from the site and the company even provides company email addresses to make communication faster and more efficient. If you are an Aflac associate, you can get started using this site by registering or logging in at

  • If you are visiting the site for the first time, you have a few different ways of registering, depending on what your position is.
  • For people who are already account users, you registered for Online Services and you should have gotten a message from Aflac through email with a link to activate your account on this site. You can enter your entire email address as your username.
  • If you are an associate, agent, or coordinator, then you log in by entering the first part of your official Aflac email address as your user name. If you are a regular employee, then you will need a username, which could be your Social Security number, E-number, or V-number, that you use to log into the network.
  • If you run into problems logging in, you have to remember that passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to check the caps lock function on your keyboard.
  • If you have forgotten your password, the company will ask you for your username to retrieve it. You will then be prompted to reset your password. 

The Aflac Account Services Online portal makes it possible for all associates and employees to keep up with the workload they have in a stress-free manner. They have excellent client support and a FAQ page that can answer many of the questions employees may have. If myAflac is not available at any time, you can access your Aflac email account to get the information you need to do your work. The company has a great security system in place to ensure your data is always safe when you work on the site. Register or log into the site by going to