Activate Kohl’s Credit Card Online

If you have a Kohl’s credit card, you need to activate it in order to get all the benefits you can. You can register online in a matter of minutes and get started activating your card so that you can have access to some of the best deals in the store.

The company allows you to have free online payments when you activate the card, as well as access to transaction history, account maintenance, and the option to go paperless. The process of activating your card at is simple and easy. There are only a few steps to follow.

  • To register you will need to input your 12 digit card number and submit it. If this gives you issues, you can call the number on the back of the card to get assistance.
  • If you have already registered, you can log in with your username and your password. If you have forgotten your username you will be asked again for your Kohl’s card number to verify your identity.
  • If you have forgotten your password, they will ask you for your username and
  • All the information you provide online is done through an encrypted page that can protect all of your personal data.
  • If you do not have a Kohl’s credit card you can apply for one through this portal, as well. It will take you to a form you have to fill out with information like your name, address, email address, birth date, and zip code.
  • When you apply for the card, you get up to 15% discounts on your first purchase with the card and an additional 15% off when you receive your card in the mail. Throughout the year you will have access to all manner of discounts and deals at Kohl’s with this card. Applications for the card take about 60 seconds and you will be asked to approve a number of different disclosure options. 

Using this site to activate your Kohl’s card is easy and only takes a minute or two. If you have not registered before the card, you can do so directly from this portal. There is a good customer support service that can answer any questions at any time, and you can always find someone to speak to if you need further assistance. Get started using your card by going to