If this is your first time visiting our site then you probably need an overview of how things work. For the sake of example we may use some of our pages to show you how a person might look for a specific topic to get instructions. Sometimes people use our site to just search and see if a survey or a guide is actually available, as many times the site you may be trying to access is no longer up and running. These are the kinds of things we provide updates with.

Ok so to begin let’s say that we are looking for information on the topic of surveys. We know that there are several surveys that exist for a restaurant, but we are not sure which one is still up and running. In this case we might do a search for McDonald’s feedback or Taco Bell survey depending on where you ate.

Once you do a search, you will click the image to the title of the survey that best fits what you were needing to find information on. Then you are going to want to check and see if the offer is current. Usually you will see an updated status towards the bottom of the article which will let you know if the page is no longer available for customers.

Next you will want to look at the steps that are provided and go over them carefully while you have another tab open completing the process. That was easy now wasn’t it? That should have saved you a little time and provided you with a little confidence boost that you were indeed completing things the proper way.

Below are a few additional surveys you might want to take a look at to get started.

This page was last updated October 17 2014.

Subway Survey – This lets you tell the famous sandwich company more about the freshness of their ingredients and the friendliness of staff.

Sams Club – This allows you to provide a little incite on whether you feel that your membership is living up to the price you pay for it. and also offers a sweepstakes once completed.