How to Activate Target REDcard Online

For anyone who has a REDcard from Target, there is an online portal that allows you to manage your account and check on all your transaction history whenever you need to.

You can get access to your balance, your history, alerts, and so much more twenty-four hours a day, seven days of the week. You can update your contact information if you have moved and even activate a new REDcard, all in just a few minutes. To use the site, you will need to register or log in at

  • To enroll at the site, you have to choose the Enroll button. You will need to provide your REDcard number followed by personal information and contact information.
  • If you want to log in because you already have an account all you need is your username and password. If you have forgotten your user name, you will have to provide you account number. If you have lost your password, you will need to provide your username, and if you have forgotten both the username and password, you just need to have your account number handy.
  • There are a few options to keep in mind if you are activating your REDcard. If you are activating a Target credit card, there is no activation necessary. If you have a Target Visa credit card, you will be asked for your full name, address, email address, the last four digits of the primary holder’s Social Security number, the card’s account number and the three digit security code found on the back of the card. If you want to activate a Target Debit Card, you will need to provide the same information as for a credit card.
  • The site has a helpful FAQ section as well as one that explains the site’s security features.

This portal not only lets you stay updated on your personal account information, but it can also let you know all the benefits the REDcard provides everyone who uses one. You can read the privacy policy for both the debit and credit cards. This is the best way to know see your transaction history and to see the balance left in your cards. The site is easy to use, which saves you time, and is always secure. You can update all your information in a few easy steps, including adding a new address. Do all of this from