How To Activate Your Barclay Card Online

If you want to have a Barclay Card, then you can apply for one and register online through the company’s portal. It provides secure access to your accounts and your information from a computer of mobile device.

The site is completely secure, with many security measures in place to keep your personal data safe. Whether you are a new account owner or if you already have a Barclay card, you can use the site for maximum convenience. Go to to activate your card and have access to your account.

  • If you need to activate your card, choose the Activate Now button. You will be asked to verify your identity by providing your Social Security number, your date of birth, your account number, your security code, and whether or not you are a US citizen. If you do not know where your card’s security code is located, there is a diagram on the site that can help you find it.
  • If you already have an account with Barclay, enter your username. You can still activate a card without having an account, but setting one up takes only a few minutes and is extremely beneficial. If you do not remember your username, you will need to provide your Social Security number, your date of birth, and your account number to verify your identity.
  • The site is a member of FDIC, so you can always be sure your information is secure when you use the portal.
  • You can always get help if you run into any problems while registering an account, activating a card, or just logging in to your account. There are a number of contact tips that can make speaking to a real person easy to do at any time.

Activating a Barclay card takes only a few minutes. The company recommends registering an account as well, so that you can have access to all your balance information, and manage your card’s use online. Creating an account can be very simple and will only require some basic personal information to complete.

With a complete registration, you can keep up with everything happening at Barclay as well as within your personal account. Their customer service is top of the line, so getting the help you need is easy, as well. Visit to register an account or activate your Barclay card quickly and efficiently.