MyBiloSite Winn Dixie Employee Portal

If you are an employee of Winn Dixie, either an associate at a store, or a field and store support associate, you can keep track of all of your work related news and information through the companies employee portal.

This portal makes it possible for you to see your schedule, speak with supervisors if you need help, ask for schedule changes, and even read up on the latest news the company has that might affect your work. It is very simple to use this portal and registering can take just a minute or two. If you work for Winn Dixie go to

  • The first thing you will need to do is select whether you are a store associate or a field and store support associate. This selection will take you to different log in pages.
  • If you are a store associate, you will have to provide your employee ID number, without leading zeros, and your password. If you do not remember your password, you will be redirected to a page that will ask for your employee ID, a new password, your year of birth, the last 4 numbers of your social security number, and the store location or number.
  • If you are part of the support center, you will need to provide your username and your password. You will also have to select whether the computer you are using is private or public, since this can change the site’s security settings.
  • The portal uses page encryption software that can put you at ease about adding your personal information, like social security number, into the site. You can check that the site is safe by looking for the closed padlock symbol on your browser, next to the site’s address.
  • If you have trouble logging in, you can call Human Resources Call Center at their toll free number, which is located at the bottom of the home page.

Through this site you can also gain access to your W2 forms when you need them. This includes if you are a former employee of Winn Dixie, as well. You can read training manuals and see videos about the way the company expects each employee to behave. If you need to speak with a supervisor, you can do so from the employee portal through their quick form. If you want to make your life easier while working for this company, go to