Register and Manage Your Visa Gift Card

If you have received a Visa Gift card, one of the best tools out there is the Visa portal that allows you to stay up to date on the card’s balance and all the purchases made with it. You can see for how long the card is valid as well as activate a new one at any time.

When you use this site, you can select whether you want the information to be in English or in Spanish. It is a completely safe site that uses page encryption to ensure that no one gets access to your personal information. The site does use popup windows, so be sure to enable them if you have an antivirus in place. Register your Visa Gift card at

  • To register your card, you will need to input your card number and the card’s security code. If you are not sure where the security code is located, the site provides a diagram to find it. You will also have to input a security code they will provide for you on the site.
  • Once the card is registered, you will be asked to create a PIN number for it. You will have to input this every time you use it, so be sure to write it down somewhere and keep it safe.
  • The site has as thorough FAQ section that can answer all the questions you may have about using your Visa Gift card.
  • Although this kind of card is not reloadable, you can see all the purchases made with the Gift Card by checking your history report. You can even purchase a new card through this portal if your old one is no longer valid.
  • There is a contact number and email on the site, as well, if you have any questions or concerns about registering your card. You can call the toll free number and speak with an expert.

The site can guide you through the full process of registering a Visa Gift card. You do not have to be afraid of anyone getting access to your information, because this site is secure at all times with page encryption software.

If you have any issues using the card, like having the card denied, you can always call the toll free number provided at to speak with someone who can help you.