VisaBuxx Prepaid Visa Card for Teens

Buxx is a new prepaid card from Visa geared towards teenagers. It can be a good way of ensuring they always have money without worrying about them carrying a credit card around. To help you manage your teen’s spending, you can turn to the Buxx card’s online portal.

At this site, you can learn all about the card as well as why it is a good choice for your teen. You can get a card directly from this site and create an account so that you can stay updated on the balance, the spending, and many other features. You can even reload the card online, saving you time. If you want a card for your teen, go to

  • If you need to get a card, click on the Get a Card button to get started. You can get the card through two different distributors, Card Lab and Navy Federal. Each one has different fees, so be sure to read up on them.
  • Once you select the distributor you want, you can get started preparing the card. You will have a choice of uploading your own picture or choosing one from the gallery on the site. This allows your teen maximum options for customization. The click on the card and select the Order Card option.
  • To order, you will be asked for your teen’s name and birthday. Then you will have to provide your own information, including name, birth date, address, email address, and to create a password. You can then select the amount of money you would like to input into the card, and you will need to provide your own credit card number. They accept Visa and Mastercard. They will also ask for your card’s expiration code.
  • You should receive the card within 11-18 days. If you need it sooner, you can choose overnight shipping. 

The site makes it possible for you and your teen to both manage the card. You can check your balance and add funds to the card as needed directly from the site, making it highly convenient for you. The site is completely secure at all times because it uses page encryption software. The whole process is easy and you can get any help you need directly from the portal’s technical support system. They have a thorough FAQ to answer your questions as well. If you want a prepaid card for your teenager, go to