Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Walgreens now has a customer satisfactions survey you can take now if you have recently shopped at one of their stores. Surveys are a good way of letting stores know how they are doing and this one is simple and easy to take fill out and complete.

The survey does not ask for any personal information, and you can even get discounts for participating. If you have gone to Walgreens recently, then you can start the survey by going to www.wagcares.com.


  • At the survey start page, you can choose whether to take the survey in English or Spanish depending on which language you feel most comfortable reading. After that, you will need to offer the company your survey password and store number. You can find this on your receipt. If you do not know which numbers to provide, the survey can help with their diagram.
  • The survey will ask a few questions about your experience at your Walgreens location and you should answer as honestly as possible. This will give the company the feedback they need to improve their services.
  • If you run into any problems while completing the survey, there are some contact numbers on your receipt that you can call for help. At the end of the survey, you will be given the choice of signing up with your email address for future deals and discounts and notices of surveys.

On the survey site, you can read all the terms and conditions. You should read these before starting to ensure that you are eligible to receive the discounts they offer as incentive. Remember that if you work at Walgreens, you are not eligible to take the surveys or receive the discount deals.

Since Walgreens provides discounts throughout the year, it can be a good idea to sign up for future surveys by providing your email address at the end of the survey. These types of surveys are a great way for customers to state their thoughts and comments so that a company can improve services, so being as honest and clear with your answers is the best option. To get started, go to www.wagcares.com.