www.gmbenefits.com – General Motors Employee Benefits

If you are an employee of General Motors, you are entitled to certain benefits. There is now a site the company offers through which you can read up and check on these benefits whenever you need or want to.

The site allows all employee levels of General Motors to see what they are entitled. You can read up on your health benefits, your work compensation if there was an accident, your vacation days, and so much more. Getting started is simple if you go to www.gmbenefits.com.

  • The first thing you will need to select is the kind of employee you are. If you are an active salaried employee, then you can check up on your savings plan options, your retirement plan, life insurance, and you can even participate in adoption assistance programs. If you are a retired salaried employee, you have the same access to your information that you did before.
  • For employees who earn hourly payments, they can see their health benefits, their pension, their life insurance, and their disability plans all from this site. If you are a retired hourly employee you can also have access to all of this information.
  • If you do not fit into any of these, you can still keep an eye on all of your work related benefits. This makes keeping track of severance payments easily.
  • If you need to contact the company, you can do so through their Contact Information page. This page gives you toll free numbers you can call, like the GM Benefits services at 1-800-489-4646. If you are hearing impaired or deaf, you can call 1-877-347-5225 for assistance. 

With this site, you can always have a good idea of what your benefits look like when working at GM Motors. The company goes out of its way to bring you the newest tools to make working for them much more convenient. If you want to know how many days of vacation you have left, then you can check directly from this site. All you need to do is have your employee ID and your password ready.

Go to www.gmbenefits.com for more info.